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Bingham Park

Bingham Park is owned by Sheffield City Council and is a grassy and wooded area just west of Endcliffe Park. The higher parts have views across the valley to Ranmoor. The Park neighbours Whitley Woods where Shepherds Wheel can be found. The park also has tennis courts, a mini golf course and a bowling green, plus an Astroturf court commonly used by local footballers.


Sadly parts of Bingham Park have seen better days and we are supporting a small group of enthusiastic residents of this area with plans to renovate and upgrade parts of the Park.

The Bingham Park Community Group is being formed with the aim of fund-raising to improve the facilities in Bingham Park (including the football and tennis courts, bowling green, golf course and surrounding green areas).

Read the Bingham Park Community Consultation Report

The tennis court area is the top priority - the courts have become run-down and need urgent attention. The council has ear-marked some funds but they will not be enough to upgrade the whole area.

Basic ideas are to keep the football court, renovate at least two tennis courts and one basketball / netball court, keep at least one fenced, surfaced court for a range of activities, e.g. for children learning to ride scooters/bikes, frisby, tai-chi etc.

Other ideas so far include converting some of the existing tennis courts to create a small skate park, table tennis area, bouldering area, all age gym, and a small play-park....

See the latest plans for the old Tennis Courts

If you would like to get involved in helping with these renovations please let us know via the Contact us link below.


Notes from the Bingham Park meetings.

11th March Meeting

11th March Proposals

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