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We are developing and maintaining a record of the wildlife and changes which are witnessed in the valley throughout the year.


We undoubtedly have many knowledgeable and highly proficient members, demonstrated by the superb photographs we see on Facebook and Twitter, who walk and observe the changes occurring over the year.

We'd like to capture this information over time so we have set up a recording system where members can register their observations. For example;

  • The first swallow,

  • The last swift,

  • Interesting fungi,

  • Butterfly,

  • Moth,

  • Mole activity,

  • First flowering of the wood anemone, or even;

  • The sighting of a water vole!

All observations which you think are worth recording, including photographs if you have them, can be sent to our FoPV Registry email address which is email address.

Summaries of these observations will be published here and circulated in our regular Newsletters.

So what have you seen and would like to share with FoPV members? Please let us know


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FoPV Online Media Manager: Mike Halliwell

Registered charity No. 1069865 (England & Wales)

Friends of the Porter Valley; Established 1994