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Works in the Porter Valley

FoPV Work Mornings

Work Day in action

From the last Work Morning

(23 Jan 18)

Hi Conservation Volunteers,

Many thanks for all eighteen who took part in this mornings efforts in Endcliffe Park and at Shepherd Wheel. Chris Roberts led a specialised team of Mill post installers into Endcliffe Park where they erected the three remaining posts by the sites of Nether Spurgear Wheel, Holme Wheel and Endcliffe Wheel.

Another group, led by Chris Nicholson, were dredging the Shepherd Wheel Dam for weed using our specialised devices and long handled rakes. This required extensive clearance of the far bank to provide access. A considerable amount of weed was removed and the dam is now free of excessive weed. A job well done. At the same time  brambles and other undergrowth was removed from the borders of the path along the bank of the Dam. A small amount of litter was also collected.

A few people also met with Ann le Sage to carry out gardening at Forge Dam.

Well done everyone. The next work morning will be at Forge Dam on Thursday 9th August.

Thanks again,

Dave Clegg

The 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday in each month is a Work Morning which starts at 10am and finishes about 1pm. If you would like to join us please just turn up on the day. See the calendar below for dates and meeting points.

We meet up with the Rangers and get involved with whatever practical tasks need doing clearing brambles, cutting back undergrowth encroaching on paths, litter-picking, and many more activities.

If you have any further questions please contact us via the link at the bottom of this page.

Planning Consultations

Men at work road signSheffield City Council regularly contact the FoPV regarding planned works within the valley. They also provide us with various documents for some of the works which explain their plans, and what work is due to be carried out.

Where possible we have provided links to these documents for your information.

Forge Dam

September 2018;

Amey are working under a curtained off bridge at Forge Dam:  they are sticking stones back up underneath and have a bat license to do so.

It's a registered site for Daubenton and Pipistrelle bats but the workmen found none when curtaining off the underside.

The bridge is safe to use: it is basically a solid concrete bridge topped with tarmac and sheltering the original old stone structure beneath.


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