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Works in the Porter Valley

FoPV Work Days

Work Day in actionThe 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday in each month is a Work Day. If you would like to join us please just turn up on the day. See the calendar below for dates and meeting points.

We meet up with the Rangers and get involved with whatever practical tasks need doing – clearing brambles, cutting back undergrowth encroaching on paths, litter-picking, and many more activities.

If you have any further questions please contact us via the link at the bottom of this page.

From the last Work Day

(25th July)

Here is the update from the 17 workers this morning!

Janet Hartley, Rowena, Linda and Margaret Egan have achieved a Chatsworth standard precision by cutting aside the sprawling grass along the main path by the playground, and neat shaping of the tangled herbs along the fence.  (I promised Janet not to refer to Chatsworth but they did such a complete job there this morning!
They are deservedly proud of what they did.  All glyphosate deadened plants removed but it looks as if the treatment delivered the final kiss of death to our Tete a Tete bulbs: could the parks officers please stop killing plant edges!

The Amey team of Leroy, Bryan and Stuart bashed away around the nearside of Nether Spur Gear Dam (the top one of the two dams) and hauled a fallen ash tree off the weir; lots of weed removal and drainage channel freed.  Alan; Paul and Stephen risked the farther side along Rustlings Road and cleared brambles, weeds, selfset ash and overhanging alder branches. 

Down the brook Chris and Leonie toiled to remove bottles, plastics, brash from the water by the duckrace catch .....if you come in wellies you are bound to get lande with work in the Porter!  Great bags of stuff.

Final team of Chris, Graham and Cheryl trimmed along the lower brook edges so you can see the open green spaces (ideal for picnics now), and see the water flowing down to the culvert at Hunters Bar.

And thanks to Chris Roberts for all the kit delivered smartly at 9.30: hope you retrieved it OK this afternoon.

Now going to watch my washing machine grinding round lemon yellow!  Didn't you all get mucky!

See some of you next on Tuesday 22 August.

Ann le Sage



Planning Consultations

Men at work road signSheffield City Council regularly contact the FoPV regarding planned works within the valley. They also provide us with various documents for some of the works which explain their plans, and what work is due to be carried out.

Where possible we have provided links to these documents for your information.

Wiremill Dam

March 2017

Re surfacing the path around Wiremill Dam, unfortunately the contractor preparing the path noticed serious undermining from leaks in the Dam wall similar to the goit problem’s last year.

Closed the Dam path off as a temporary  measure, awaiting structural advise.

It is then planned to dig approximately 5 trial pits April / May  to aid a structural assessment to advise on a way forward.

Forge Dam

March 2017

Re surfacing paths around Cafe

Tree Safety Works

Whiteley Woods

Following our full 3 yearly tree safety inspection a small number of trees (9-10) are due to be felled to ground level or standing stems throughout the entire woodland between Hangingwater Road and Forge Dam. This is primarily due to the presence of significant decay fungi affecting the roots (armillaria, kretszchmaria) in well used areas, or close to the roadside. There is one tree within the Highcliffe Road to Whiteley Wood Road section that also requires some remedial pruning to address a safety issue.

Forge Dam

The large horse chestnut overhanging the dam itself, has now developed 5 separate decay fungi, and will now sadly, also need to be felled for public safety reasons. This is a great shame but in such a busy area, there is no alternative available.

Meadow Farm – Common Lane-Ringinglow Road

Within one of our leased farms on the field bordering Ringinglow Road and Common Lane one mature beech with several cavities, and a significant decay fungi (ganoderma) is also due to be felled to a 5m stem. Again, this is for public safety reasons as the tree is within falling distance of Ringinglow road.

Both jobs will be carried out by our contractors during the next 14 weeks, and may be at different times due to priority. All trees will be inspected for nesting birds prior to work and work halted if necessary.

We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Notices will be posted at all locations.

Should you require any further information please contact the Tree and Woodland Section on (0114) 2736701.


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